Step by step






Here we describe the process of what will happen between you contact us for a room for your time in Hong Kong and you finally move in upon your arrival in Hong Kong step by step.





Step 1

After you contact us for room offers within a certain category, we will send you 3 according rooms, including information on rent, size, location, ammenities and images of the room and the apartment.






Step 2

After your choice of a specific apartment, we will send you an "Room Holding Contract". This contract will secure that we will reserve a specific room for your arrival in Hong Kong and that you will deposit one month's rent as security for both sides. The one month's deposit will be returned to you at the end of your rental period if the apartment is left in good condition.






Step 3

After a signing of the "Room Holding Contract" by both sides and a transfer of the one month's rent deposit, you will be asked to provide us with your arrival dates so that we can assure that you can get your keys on your very first day in Hong Kong. At that moment you will also sign the rental agreement for your exchange period.

Due to sad experiences with unpaying tenants in the past, we require our short time tenants (i.e. up to 6 months) to pay the entire rent up front when signing the rental agreement. We hope for your understanding.










Step 4

Enjoy your stay in Hong Kong!